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Jan 1st: just how much of a milestone is it?

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Thoughts on the passing of the old year and starting of the new year.

It’s January 1st, 2015: New Year’s Day 2015 C.E. The start of a new year if you follow the Gregorian calendar. A time of renewal and starting fresh.


It’s not really a day I use as a milestone. Other events have more significance in my life. From a work standpoint, it’s the Graduation ceremony in the Summer term that marks the passing of another academic year. In my personal life, it’s always been Homecoming events at Sewanee (or, as we called it in my more callow and younger days: “Fall Party Weekend”) that have marked off another year since Graduation forced my departure from Percy’s “Arcadia”.

So, while today may notch another click in the years component in the odometer, it’s not much more beyond that for me.